Purchasing Facts in Grass Valley, CA

Mustang Fee Sign
Identification in the form of a Real ID.
If a Real ID is not available (proofs of ID are required):

  • Birth Certificate
  • Current Passport

Proof of residence
Examples of government issued proof of residence:

  • Car registration
  • Voter registration
  • Property tax
  • DMV notice for renewals
  • Court documents
  • Concealed Carry Weapons permit
  • W2

Examples of non-government issued proof of residence ( current within 90 days):

  • Utility bill ( except cell phone)
  • Rental agreement from the current year
  • Bank statement
  • Mortgage bill
  • Medical bill
  • W4

A current Firearms Safety Certificate.

  • Firearms safety certificates are a 30 question, multiple choice test that may be taken in house.

We can laminate your card for you for $3 upon completion.

*If purchaser is a current CCW holder a FSC is not required*

We accept FFL transfers:

  • FFL to FFL transfers are $65